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Whether you like games, music, news related to celebrities or just chat, Kik is the place where you can stop you!

What our users:

“I love how it allows Kik people to write to me without knowing my number” – Kee

“This is a great and safe way to meet new people and talk with them” – Kristin

“Really excellent. I love it!” – Cody

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Adobe Player for Internet Explorer For Mac download Flash: made with Adobe Flash animations and movies can be found at the Web sites to thousands. So that the browser can play Flash files, the free Flash Player must be installed. Its installation is quick, thanks to online installer.

Adobe Flash is the leading program for processing multimedia files for use on the Web. Basically, Flash is a vector-based authoring tool, which allows you to specifically edit the various elements such as graphics, images, fonts and sound for publication on the Web and combine – creativity are virtually no limits. Thanks to the powerful scripting language allows even complex web games and complete websites realize. Visitors to the site only requires the free Flash plug-in for their browser. If the required Flash Player not installed in the current version, you will automatically be directed to the download page at Adobe.

The latest Flash Player is always required when the Flash developers use the latest flash functions. In Flash CS4 new 3D effects have been added, for example. This allows you to create and implement professional animations intuitive and responsive user interfaces. Also for the new real-time effects based on Adobe Pixel Bender these dynamic and interactive effects for a live playback with Flash Player 10 can be used.

The Flash player also uses a further improved hardware acceleration. The computing power of the graphics card is used to draw SWF files in the browser and perform the calculations when joining as bitmap images, filters, blend modes, and video overlays bitmaps faster than would be possible with a software solution.

More Flash optimizations that can be used with Flash Player 10, are dynamic streaming and the Speex codec: The automatic adaptation of streaming content to changing network conditions constitute the Flash developers the best possible video quality with visitors of the website is secure. The audio codecs Speex is specially designed for the high quality output speech with low latency. The Flash Player also supports ADPCM formats, HE-AAC, MP3, and Nellymoser.

iMessenger BlackBerry Messenger for iPhone

iMessenger is a new instant messaging client for iPhone. It was designed by the same team that created the BlackBerry Messenger. It will provide users with programs usual instant messaging: chat with other users, group conversations, the availability status of your contacts and track the status of sending a message. The version is still in Beta and will be available soon on the AppStore as well as a BBM PC Version

Games and most downloaded Android apps

325833-the-top-100-free-apps-for-your-phone-2011Alongside Facebook , Skype and Instagram , an application file management is gaining momentum.

Chinese developers Kingsoft have something to smile. Their application Clean Master , which allows you to manage files on your smartphone easily (to empty the cache, moving apps to the SD card or delete browsing data) moved into the top 5 most downloaded programs on Play Store in October. Note also entering the charts this month of Tiny Flashlight , a tool that transforms your smartphone into a real flashlight.

The top 10 most downloaded in October (excluding games) applications:

As for games, again according to App Annie , Candy Crush Saga confirms its unchallenged dominance. Behind an app that puts you in the shoes of a hunter ( Deer Hunter 2014) entered the rankings dramatically: 382 ranks in the ranking compared to September. The second opus’ s Angry Birds Star Wars also made ??the top 10.

The top 10 most downloaded games in October:

  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Me Despicable
  • Subway Surfers
  • Deer Hunter 2014
  • Louse
  • Angry Birds Star Wars 2
  • Chaturbate Token Hack 2014
  • Temple Run 2
  • Hill Climb Racing
  • Pet Rescue Saga
  • Fruit Ninja

Finally the true multi in Real Racing 3!

maxresdefaultBetter late than never: we could not speak more of Real Racing 3 PC, the racing game lighthouse Firemonkeys (Electronic Arts). In its latest update, the game fills one of its main black dots, the lack of true multiplayer real-time.
This is now done. You can challenge your friends in real time in one of the best racing games available on Android, and still free-to-play. Finish the bottle where you really did believe you’re playing with others (in fact, some still believe!) Asynchronously.

Races remain limited to four players, certainly to reduce the risk of “lag” one imagines particularly troublesome in a racing game.
In addition to this late addition (and perhaps motivated by the arrival of GT Racing 2 , it either does not have true multi) update “2.0″ Real Racing 3 also brings two new supercars that have turns heads at shows this year: the Lamborghini Veneno and McLaren P1.
However, no update our test because the games coming out in full the first time, not gaming kit is preferred.
The update is available on Android and iOS. Well, I, who had turned the game to make some room on my shelf, I’m good for a download session …

Facebook is working again Snapchat competitors

facebook-messenger-para-windows-7-02-535x535Facebook is working again at a Snapchat Competitors: The project is internally called “Slingshot”. If and when the app will eventually appear, but it is unclear.

Slingshot would not be the first Snapchat clone of Facebook: Previously, there was already the app “poke”, which, however, was advised a long time forgotten until it Facebook a few days ago as remote from the App Store download portals . With Slingshot, the company is now preparing a new approach, such as the Financial Times (via 9 to 5 Mac ) reports.

Like Poke should Slingshot provide a way to short video clips – and probably photos – send them to other users, the short message service would operate separately from the Facebook Messenger or private messages on Facebook. As with Snapchat the videos would only briefly stored on Facebook’s servers and the recipient’s device, after which they are again only available at the receiver.

Facebook’s management have Slingshot not yet granted the blessing for publication, so it could well be that the app will eventually not see the light of the world.

Apps for free or greatly reduced: Tips for iOS, Android and Amazon devices

Hundreds of thousands of apps are available in the app stores from Apple, Google and Amazon. In this mass to find the special offers, is often difficult – because many vendors put down especially the prices of smartphone and tablet apps for a few days or hours. Amplitude shows daily from Monday to Friday, the best heavily discounted or even free apps for Android, iOS, or Amazon devices. You will not miss in the future no more bargains!

Bring! Shopping List - screenshotMay 28: Bring! Shopping list – the ideal shopping companion

Everyone knows the spontaneously organized by the barbecue: Tons of potato salad available, but missing the ketchup. Bring! puts an end. The digital shopping list in a chic, streamlined design helps you with errands of all kinds, for shopping lists are created so that fix, managed and processed. Do you want to buy together with roommates, party guests or family members, you can switch the function via i
n-app purchase free. The app normally costs 2.69 euros, and is currently available for free for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Android Apps: The Top 150

CaptureThe Google Play Store now offers over a million Android apps that will make your smartphone more productive, safer, and more entertaining. With the wide range to find the right application, is anything but easy – because there are usually several apps that meet the desired function. While there is the possibility to cancel the purchased apps, but a test for heart and kidney program, it takes time. And you need not invest unnecessarily.

Android Apps: Free or paid version?

The proportion of free apps in the Android Market is unusually high – well above 50 percent – and the low-price apps often cost only about 80 cents. The problem is spoiled for choice! With so many programs are accessed – just a newcomer – ever wrong. So that you put no money and no time in useless programs and download only meaningful programs, Amplitude has checked numerous Android apps and the 150 best selected for you.