Apps for free or greatly reduced: Tips for iOS, Android and Amazon devices

Hundreds of thousands of apps are available in the app stores from Apple, Google and Amazon. In this mass to find the special offers, is often difficult Рbecause many vendors put down especially the prices of smartphone and tablet apps for a few days or hours. Amplitude shows daily from Monday to Friday, the best heavily discounted or even free apps for Android, iOS, or Amazon devices. You will not miss in the future no more bargains!

Bring! Shopping List - screenshotMay 28: Bring! Shopping list – the ideal shopping companion

Everyone knows the spontaneously organized by the barbecue: Tons of potato salad available, but missing the ketchup. Bring! puts an end. The digital shopping list in a chic, streamlined design helps you with errands of all kinds, for shopping lists are created so that fix, managed and processed. Do you want to buy together with roommates, party guests or family members, you can switch the function via i
n-app purchase free. The app normally costs 2.69 euros, and is currently available for free for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Android Apps: The Top 150

CaptureThe Google Play Store now offers over a million Android apps that will make your smartphone more productive, safer, and more entertaining. With the wide range to find the right application, is anything but easy – because there are usually several apps that meet the desired function. While there is the possibility to cancel the purchased apps, but a test for heart and kidney program, it takes time. And you need not invest unnecessarily.

Android Apps: Free or paid version?

The proportion of free apps in the Android Market is unusually high Рwell above 50 percent Рand the low-price apps often cost only about 80 cents. The problem is spoiled for choice! With so many programs are accessed Рjust a newcomer Рever wrong. So that you put no money and no time in useless programs and download only meaningful programs, Amplitude has checked numerous Android apps and the 150 best selected for you.